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Cabby's Chowdah - The best thing I ever ate!
The CabbyShack

"The CabbyShack, on historic Plymouth harbor, is the spot for gorgeous views, tons of seats under the sun, live music all season long, and seafood so fresh it practically jumps straight from the ocean to the kitchen. The basic boiled lobster weighs in at about a pound and a quarter. But those in the know ask for the super-sized three-and-a-half pound Big Man's Lobster. Equally eye-popping is the 'Big Shack' Roll. It's the biggest lobster roll in town, overflowing from a grilled buttered roll. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the CabbyShack sells thousands of them a week. It's the perfect summer meal, for the perfect summer day. The CabbyShack's menu is loaded with fun summer foods like hand battered onion rings, colossal shrimp cocktail, golden fried clams, and -- believe it or not -- some of the best bar pizzas on the South Shore. But the dish they're most famous for is their award winning clam chowder, served in a fresh baked bread bowl. Rich chowder, big lobster rolls, and fun all summer long, keeps everybody coming back, to the CabbyShack."
- Phantom Gourmet

The CabbyShack
The CabbyShack's Clam Chowdah was recently featured on the Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Guilty Pleasures".  Watch Video

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Monday, Aug. 22
John Foster  (8 PM)
Jillian Jensen  (3 PM)
Tuesday, Aug. 23
DJ Erik Maggs  (9 PM)
Martin and Kelly  (3 PM)
Wednesday, Aug. 24
Jay Taylor  (3 PM)
Karaoke with D.j. Gene every Wednesday  (8 PM)
Thursday, Aug. 25
The Sibs Duo  (3 PM)
Gainsvilleroad  (8 PM)
Friday, Aug. 26
DJ Erik Maggs  (3 PM)
Elbow Room  (8 PM)
Saturday, Aug. 27
Nico Rivers  (3 PM)
The Sibs  (9 PM)
Sunday, Aug. 28
Sean Fullerton  (9 PM)
Jason Cardinal Music  (4 PM)
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